Eyelash Services

Please arrive to your lash services without makeup. If that is not possible please arrive ten to fifteen minutes early depending on amount so that your makeup can be removed, products to remove your makeup will be provided for you to do yourself however upon service if there is any residue on eyelashes a $10 lash bath charge will be added to service. It is best not to wear contacts during your service, please remove them prior to service.

Classic Lash Extensions 3 hours  $60
A single synthetic lash applied to a single natural lash, intended to add some fullness and length to the natural lash line giving the appearance of mascara.

Fill 1.5 hours $30
Anything less than 60% of lashes remaining is considered a new set. For optimal results it is ideal to have lashes filled every two to three weeks. Choosing when to get a fill is dependent on preference on fullness, hair growth cycle, and personal care of lashes.

Removal 20 minutes+ $15+
Removal of lashes that have been applied elsewhere may have increased pricing up to $50. Foreign adhesives may require extra time and effort to safely remove lashes.

Lash Bath 10 minutes $10
All lash baths can be done per request. It is best to come to all lash appointments with clean, bare lashes. If lashes are unclean with but not limited to makeup, soapy residue, or dirt a lash bath must be done and price will automatically be added to service.