Nail Enhancements

All nail enhancements are thoroughly and properly done with quality and care. No corners are cut to best provide optimal long-lasting results, promoting health and safety, and striving to leave the natural nail in its original healthy state.
All enhancements include classic nail polish.

Woman's hands with mid-length black gel nail manicure, holding a diamond Woman's hand with extended nails which have a matte powder pink dip powder manicure Woman's hands with short, red, polygel nail enhancements and a golden glitter fade, holding a diamond Woman's hands with short, purple and silver alternating polish and a glitter dip overlay, holding a diamond Woman's hands with long, baby boomer style dip powder nail extensions with glitter tips, holding a diamond Woman's hands with medium length nails done with dip powder, yellow to orange ombre, with glitter overlay, holding a diamond

Polygel $35+
Receive best of both of gel and acrylic worlds with this hybrid technology. Delivering strong feather light nails.

Gel $35+
More flexible than acrylic nails and is fully cured under a led lamp.

Dip Powder $35+
Remarkably similar to an acrylic nail extension however dip powder is applied using a different technique that uses resin rather than traditional monomer. This is the most solid of all enhancements.

Overlay $30+
Rather than adding length using tips or forms an overlay is simply a system applied to your natural nails protecting them, adding structure and colour.

Fill/Rebalance $25+
For best results it is suggested that nails be filled every two to three weeks, the more the nail grows the less strength the nail has, which can cause damage or breakage. Fills are dependent on how fast the natural nail grows. Rebalances are required when the nails have outgrown too long or after repeated fills, a rebalance simply adds proper structure to the enhancement providing strength and safety to the nail. Pricing and time of a fill vary depending on the amount of structure needed.

Enhancement removal 30-60 minutes $20
Nail enhancements are never peeled off; your enhancement will be gently filed off to reveal strong natural healthy nails underneath. The length of time needed is in accordance with the length of your enhancement.

All nail enhancements come from the acrylate family, meaning they are all derivatives of acrylic. All enhancements add structure and strength to the natural nail with the option of adding length. Choosing the right system is dependent on the daily activities that your nails encompass. Leave it to True Expressions to work with you to pick a system that is best suited to your needs. All nail enhancements pricing is subject to change in accordance with desired shape, art and length requested.

True Expressions rarely does work over top of another technician's work, if you choose to come for a fill done by another technician, provided photos may be needed or a video consultation will need to occur to assess the condition of the nails. In most cases enhancements will need to be removed and then reapplied.