Policy Information

General Policies
All clients new to a service at True Expressions may be required to fill out an intake form when receiving chemical services and sign a waiver. Please allow an extra 10 minutes upon arrival if attending a first-time service. Alternatively, forms can be completed electronically at anytime before your appointent. Forms must be filled completely before the service can proceed.

When booking multiple services ahead of time a 25% cost of service fee may apply to hold your spot, the fee may be paid all at once or up to of 24 hours before each service, after that if fee is not paid you will lose your spot. The fee will come off your total the day of your appointment. The fee is non-refundable after 24 hours before your appointment.

Please be aware that on occasion Danielle may be running behind unexpectedly due to a situation arising that needs immediate attention during a service. This could mean a potential wait time longer than expected or that your service may go over the intended time slot. In this case a late fee will not be charged. Danielle will try her best to call and inform before your arrival to let you know or inform you during your appointment that your service may run longer than intended. This is to ensure that every effort will be taken to respect your valued time and that every service is delivered with the proper care and attention needed.

Some services may be available on site for an added fee of $25, some conditions apply please contact for more information. After hours appointments are available upon request. Spots are limited and fill up fast, a fee of $25 is required before you can be placed in for an appointment, 100% of the fee goes towards your appointment. Cancellation policy applies.

All paid services are final sale, if you are unhappy with your service in any way, verify where the correction is needed, and moderations will be done for free within 48 hours from the time you have received your services. However, should you change your mind about a service this policy is in exempt. For instance, it has been decided for blue nail polish to be applied instead of the red colour that has been previously applied as per original request. Any corrections or moderations requested to be done after 48 hours of received services will be paid for at the clients’ expense.

Covid-19 Safety Measures
Please have a mask on upon entering and please continue to wear for the duration of the appointment. Hand sanitizer will be given upon entrance. You may be asked to wash your hands before your service begins with provided soap and clean towel. True Expressions can only take one client at a time per visit. You must come alone to your appointment, no guests are permitted to accompany you. Cash is accepted however it must be exact change as True Expressions is unable to make change for you. If you choose to pay via e-transfer, the funds must be sent prior to your appointment upon arrival.

True Expressions always has and always will take pride in cleanliness, your service it is guaranteed to be provided in a safe sanitary environment. Ensuring the proper disinfection of used tools, equipment, furniture, supplies and everything else a client could potentially come into contact with. All disposable items will be completely discarded of. All linens used at service are freshly washed and bleached and set to be laundered after each use.

Cancellation and Late Policies
If you do not come to your appointment or if you are to cancel within 24 hours of your appointment you will be subject to a fee of $25 that must be paid before your next service. Subsequently, any last-minute cancelations or rescheduling will result in a mandatory $25 Booking Reservation Fee for all future appointments. Under no circumstances will the $25 dollars be refunded within 24-hours of cancellation. If you fail to cancel an appointment and do not show up 100% cost of service will apply. It will be of no problem should you choose to ask for a confirmation text message of appointment prior to service.

If you believe you may be late please call ahead of time. Service will be shortened and completed within the remaining time of your appointment slot however will still be charged full price of service. Because quality is especially important at True Expressions, being too late may result in not being able to accommodate your service. In that scenario your appointment would need to be rescheduled and a $25 fee will be applied and must be paid before next service. Please allow extra time and plan accordingly for the weather, public transportation schedules also consider potential road closures, traffic, and construction issues. Thank you kindly and your understanding is greatly appreciated!

For fairness and safety of the client and True Expressions, there will be absolutely no exceptions to the policies. Thank you kindly for your cooperation and understanding and for your support!