True Expression's Services

Please click on the photo of your desired service to see more information and how to arrive prepared for your appointment.

All clients new to a service provided at True Expressions must fill out an intake form and sign a waiver. Please allow an extra 10 minutes upon arrival if attending a first-time service. Alternatively, forms can be printed and filled out at your convenience, which will be e-mailed to you prior to your appointment.

If you have multiple questions about your service, it is best to book a phone consultation or direct message on Instagram to prevent service delays.

All service times are approximate, service time may go over or under due to level of care needed during appointment for your benefit. Properly following aftercare procedures brings down the service time.

Please call or text to book an appointment.
Woman's eye with eyelash extensions


Long, matte, dip-powder nails, in a baby pink colour. Nail extensions were applied to achieve the length.

Nail Enhancements

Four multi-coloured bottles of nail polish